Clickable Verb Lists do not show when using the ShowRoomDescription

Hello to everyone,

I'm currently creating my first text adventure with Quest and I think it is a awesome interface, it allowed me to write in a week a ton of code that otherwise would have been impossible.

However since 3 days ago I'm stuck with a problem. When I run the ShowRoomDescription command, Quest shows the description of the room, object list and exits normally, but the clickable verb list associated with each object of the rooms does not show up when I click on the hyperlinks. This is opposed to allowing the room description to automatically be activated on entering a room.

I hope this has an easy solution... I struggled a lot and I run out of options.


Could be a timing issue. Verb lists aren't sent with a link when it is displayed, but added at the end of the turn.

Does running


after showing the description make them work?

Yes! This worked. Thanks a lot!

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