Gamebook Help: Having Multiple Choices Link to Same Page

Hi there!

I've been through the forum, Google and the Create a Gamebook guide, and haven't found an answer to my question, so I'm assuming it's either such a newb question nobody felt the need to ask it, or nobody has attempted it yet. (Which I doubt) I also apologize in advance if my question doesn't make sense, or if it's already been asked.

I've been trying to make a simple horror gamebook in Quest, so far, all is going well. I'm able to link to pages and haven't had any issues. My question, is that for some pages, I want to give the Player a choice, but have the choices go to the same page.

Ex. Do I stay up or go to bed?
A. Go to Bed
B. Stay Up

But then I want BOTH options to link to the same next page.

Since it's a horror based game, I've created multiple ways to die, which then prompt starting over and thus you can have multiple play-throughs with different endings. I know that probably the easiest solution would be to not give the player a choice, and just have the link be 'continue' or something, but I thought it would be more fun to have the multiple choices, even if they lead to the same page.

The way I've found around this is to create the same page twice, giving it a different name.

Ex. Do I stay up or go to bed?
A. Go to Bed (which links to page 'Cont'.)
B. Stay Up (links to page 'Cont. 2', which has the same chunk of story on it as 'Cont.')

Due to the tree-branch style of the game, I don't want to have unnecessary multiple pages for the same part in the story. I thought maybe there was a way to have both option A. and B. link to the same page, but I haven't found one yet.

I'm still fairly new to making text-based games, and I have a feeling the solution is probably something dumbly simple I haven't found yet, but it's been irking me and preventing me from moving forward for a few weeks now, so I thought I should ask.

Any/all help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

you can use the textprocessor for this. Put this into the pagedescription

{page:Page2:This link goes to page 2}
{page:Page2:And this link goes to page 2, too}

Ah, I knew it was something simple! LOL

Thanks so much!

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