Use Twine

I been following quest for about 7 years and still no possibility for mobile development.

I built a small game in quest and tried in frustration to use Quest-JS to make the app with phonegap. I even downloaded v5.51 and tried with that.

And whats worst is the original developer is long gone from this project.

And for these reasons I am switching to Twine ( I am making this post for those that want to make these type of games for mobile devices.

Good luck with this software dev team.

I use Twine too, it is pretty good. Which to use depends on what you want to do. Quest offers a rich world model, in which rooms have relationships with each other, in which items can have persistent state and a place in that world. If you want all that in Twine, you have a lot of coding a head of you. Plus, of course, Quest has a parser, and if you want the player to be able to type commands, Twine is really not the tool.

On the other hand, if your game just uses links, and you do not need a world model, then Twine is the way to go. Or Squiffy, of course; I am not sure how that works on mobile, but I guess just as well (though there is software to convert Twine to an app).

Don't get me wrong I love Quest. So much so that I been following and periodically using Quest off and on for over 7 years.
I even wrote emails to original developer many years ago to help him fix critical bugs. I know on the Quest-JS Github site, there is some text written that says Quest 6.0 will offer export to JS/Html5. I really hope so.

You are right tho, for command typing Quest is the way to go. But from a mobile usage perspective, pressing/tapping links is better than typing commands. At least IMO.

I honestly would like to continue using Quest. I built a nice simulation with it this past week. It is a shame I can't push it out to the app stores.

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