List of basic/built-in Commands?

I searched the documentation but couldn't find anything.
I just wanna see a list of all standard Commands like look, open, go, undo, etc. and all shortages like I,n,w,etc.

Given that this is pretty much basic information I wonder why it's hard to find...

Not sure if it's in the documentation anywhere, but you could make a new game and have the start script do something like:

foreach (cmd, AllCommands()) {
  msg ( + ": " + cmd.pattern)

to print out a list of all the commands and their patterns.

within the GUI/Editor:

at the bottom left, is the 'filter', click on this, and then click on the 'Show Library Elements', which toggles on all of the built-in stuff as light grey text up above in the left side's "tree of stuff", and look under 'Commands', and hopefully it'll show the built-in Commands, but maybe it doesn't, worth a shot looking though, and you can take a look at the other stuff too, maybe gaining a bit more understanding of things and/or learning a bit on how to code better

a lot of stuff also is handled by the built-in Object Types / Types too (so look at this built-in stuff as well within the Gui/Editor, 'Filter' -> 'Show library Elements' -> light grey text up above in the left's side "tree of stuff" -> 'Advanced' -> Object Types / Types), and here too in the doc: ( scroll down to the very bottom section 'Object Types DEefined by Core.aslx' )

I put a list together, but the forum says "Sorry, you can't post that here"

I'll try posting it in parts, to see what it's objecting to

Now you've got me curious enough to throw together a quick script:

Stub commands (output a fixed message unless you override them):

  • jump
  • lie
    • ^lie$|^lie down$
  • listen
  • sit
    • ^sit$|^sit down$
  • sleep
    • ^sleep$|^rest$
  • wait
    • ^wait$|^z$
  • xyzzy


  • buy
    • buy
    • purchase
  • climb
  • drink
  • eat
  • hit
  • kill
  • kiss
  • knock
  • lick
  • lie
    • lie on
    • lie upon
    • lie down on
    • lie down upon
  • listen
  • lock
  • move
  • pull
  • push
  • read
  • search
  • show
  • sit
    • sit on
    • sit upon
    • sit down on
    • sit down upon
  • smell
    • smell
    • sniff
  • speak
  • taste
  • throw
  • tie
  • touch
  • turn
  • turnoff
    • turn off
    • turn #object# off
    • switch off
    • switch #object# off
  • turnon
    • turn on
    • turn #object# on
    • switch on
    • switch #object# on
  • unlock
  • untie

Built-in commands:

  • alttellto
    • ^(?<object>.*), (?<text>.*)$
  • ask
    • ^ask (?<object>.*) about (?<text>.*)$
  • close
  • devmode_commands
  • drop
  • give
    • ^give (?<object1>.*) to (?<object2>.*)$
  • givesingle
    • give
  • go
    • ^go to (?<exit>.*)$|^go (?<exit>.*)$|^(?<exit>north|east|south|west|northeast|northwest|southeast|southwest|in|out|up|down|n|e|s|w|ne|nw|se|sw|o|u|d)$
  • help
    • ^help$|^\?$
  • inventory
    • ^i$|^inv$|^inventory$
  • log_cmd
    • ^log$|^view log$|^display log$
  • look
    • ^look$|^l$
  • lookat
    • look at
    • look
    • x
    • examine
    • exam
    • ex
  • lookdir
    • ^look (?<exit>north|east|south|west|northeast|northwest|southeast|southwest|out|up|down|n|e|s|w|ne|nw|se|sw|o|u|d)$

  • oops
    • ^oops (?<text>.*)$
  • open
  • put
    • ^(put|insert|place|drop) (?<object1>.*) (on|in|on to|in to|into) (?<object2>.*)$
  • quit
  • take
    • take
    • get
    • pick up
  • tell
    • ^tell (?<object>.*) about (?<text>.*)$
  • tellto
    • ^(tell|ask) (?<object>.*) to (?<text>.*)$
  • transcript_off_cmd
    • ^(transcript|script) off$|^disable (script|transcript)$
  • transcript_on_cmd
    • ^(transcript|script)( on|)$|^enable (script|transcript)$
  • undo
  • use
  • useon
    • ^use (?<object1>.*) (on|with) (?<object2>.*)$
  • version_cmd
    • ^(version|info|about)$
  • view_transcript_cmd
    • ^(view|display|show) (the |)(script|transcript)$
  • wear
    • put #object# on
    • wear
    • put on
    • don
    • wear

  • removefrom
    • ^(remove|take|get|eject) (?<object1>.*) (from|out of|off|out) (?<object2>.*)$
  • restart
  • save

And the command that the forum won't allow me to post the pattern for is "remove"; no idea why. Is it because it contains "take off"? "doff"?

Wow, mrangel... This list is great. Sorry for the late check but I was on travel.

This should be added to the Documentary.
Good to know the Stub Commands.
I wonder why there're weird combinations for ''lie'' and ''sit'' but no ''climb down'' or ''climb up''.
What is the ''oops'' command?

What is the ''oops'' command?

As far as I can tell from the code, it manually runs the unresolved command handler.
I have no idea why this command exists.

It is used to correct a mistake in the previous input. See this partial transcript...

You are in total darkness.
There is a shape here.
You can hear a faint roaring sound but the bag on your head is muffling sound. Your hands are bound but you can feel the seat you are in.

> look sharp
That object doesn't exist.

> oops shape
You can't look at it, you've got a bag on your head.

I think it was a carry over from the Infocom games in the 80s. Don't remember it being in any of the Scott Adams ones though.

So this checked for a similar word as of a typo? I don't see what the example wants to tell me...

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