Issue with Indented Lists in Games Panes

This was brought up under a topic that has exceeded the 60 cut-off, so a new start needs to be made!
" forum/quest/topic/bnptm73dkkcr56d8_gnhzq/pain-with-panes-issue-1-handling-containers"

Indented lists in game panes are very useful. A new sequence of one-room games, Escape the Podcast is using this facility. Unfortunately the second game shows up a flaw that was flagged up in the previous discussion: some items in transparent containers can show up outside their container. See game for clarification: two roosters in separate cages appear to be in the same cage:
" games/view/vd0ovejhm0_vykxj4cjhlq/escape-this-podcast-episode-2-the-speakeasy"

Any suggestions for a fix or workaround?

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