Hi everyone,
About 5 years ago, I was lucky enough to get some help from KV getting my first Quest project running. Wonderful job, and the goal was accomplished. However, KV did edit a custom version of QuestJS for me to get everything working.

At the time, even with all KV had done to QuestJS, the last hurdle for me was having to re-arrange code in game.js and index.html for it to execute the game. (function InitInterface() has to be moved up above function Expression(text).)

Fast forward to a few days ago and I am getting back around to working with my Quest project again, and I added functionality from existing default libraries and the code will not execute after using QuestJS.

The last time I was here 5 years ago, no one was working with QuestJS, is that still the case?
I see there is QEdit now, is that the latest version of QuestJS?

I sent KV an email the other day, but no response yet. I don't know if KV is still around. Lol

Any help is appreciated.

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I stand corrected. I was just using the wrong version of QuestJS to convert. The only remaining problem is that command links do not work.

The game displays the message: I don't understand your command.
for everything that is a verblink, but that was working at one point. Maybe I am missing some code in game.js to make them work again. Anyone know what that might be, or where I could find it?

I've seen notes about KV, and he might be really into the questJS project because I don't see him in these "normal" forums. They're very active now, and I get a sense like Pixie is sort of heading the project, or at least one of the very active members. Pixie is the one who did so very many of the libraries and tutorials for "original" quest before he took up the Quest JS project. Anyway, they usually use the other forum here To talk about Quest JS.

Here's hoping that they help, and that you have a great time with it. I may one day try to "graduate" to Quest JS, but right now I'm plugging away learning everything I can and developing a couple projects in Quest 5.8 (last official version before they started Javascripting)

Thanks IP!
Yeah, it has been about 5 years, so I was not sure what everyone was doing with what. I am glad things continued getting developed though.

It is an awesome piece of software with tons of potential. One of my favorite to work with even, and why I am coming back to it again after all this time.

Thanks again!

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