Updating / installing latest version of Quest (5.7.2)

Ahoy! So, as the title implies I'm having some issues with updating my Quest version to the latest version available on here. I've tried completely uninstalling the game (going so far as to entirely erase it from all available documents & program folders so there's literally not a trace to be found) and yet installing the latest version still leaves the 'update to the latest version of Quest' at the bottom of the program when I launch it. I'm completely stumped and it's honestly getting a bit frustrating at this point.

I've also noticed that whilst installing it, the installation will complete as per usual up until it reaches 'installing components' at which point the window for the installer becomes unresponsive and the only way to interact with it is to use task manager. I can access the program as normal whilst this window is still open / unresponsive, however, so I assume it's actually finished and this is just some kind of bug? For reference, I'm using windows 7. Any and all help would be appreciated, cheers!


The "update to the latest version" thing is a bug, which should be fixed in the next release, which should be coming within a month or so.

...and that thing where it hangs on "installing components": That's just dependencies being installed in the background. It doesn't display the progress, so it seems to be freezing up. I've seen it take up to 5 minutes on some machines, but it usually isn't freezing up. (Not to say that it's not possible.)

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