validvalue types?

Is there is a list out there of the avaliable validvalue types?
I know of only one so far: simplestringlist.
Is there one for objectlists? Dictionaries?
It would be nice if I could have the developer who is using my library to be able to select from a list of actual objects or different collections of data structures like dictionaries.

I think "simplestringlist" is a short cut for the XML code that made it easier to convert from Quest 5.3 to 5.4; it is an alternative way to create a string list in the .aslx file to the usual "stringlist". In game it is exactly the same.

Lists can be "stringlist", "objectlist" or just "list".
Dictionaries can be "stringdictionary", "objectdictionary", "scriptdictionary" or just "dictionary".

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