Playing Video from PC

I've tried 2 methods of playing videos located on the harddrive, but neither are working for me, using the Quest Desktop version.

First attempt I used the code below, odviously I changed the file name which was a MP4 file, and I just get a black box, even with controls it does not load/play.
"src = GetFileURL("spinning_compass.ogv")
<deleted rest of code, it affected the forum>

So i thought the next method would be my saviour, using the library AudioVideoLib.asx .
It makes it easy, browse to select the video, except once again nothing loads/plays, just shows the player with controls.
Even published the game to test, but same result.

I have a fresh install of Windows 10, any help would be appreciated.

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Are the files within the project folder, or elsewhere on your harddrive?
If they're in the project folder, GetFileURL should work. But you'll need to make sure that the browser supports the format and codecs used in those files. The desktop player includes a version of Chromium that's almost 6 years old, so any more modern video encodings will give you problems.

My first thought was to check the attribute game.publishfileextensions, which lists the extensions which will be included when you publish the game. By default it will be *.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.gif;*.js;*.wav;*.mp3;*.htm;*.html;*.svg;*.ogg;*.ogv - if you try including a filename that doesn't end with one of those, you'll need to change it.

When you changed the file name, did you just change the text of the file and extension to ogv, or did you convert the file to ogv? Just thought I would ask, some people do that :)

Yes, when using GetFileURL the file is located in the project folder.
I've converted to .OGV and it is getting included in the published version because of the size.

But nothing plays yet.

I do not think that Chromium supports ogv. And Quest also uses an old version of Chromium, so I would not only test it in the offline editor.
You can publish and upload a trial version and test it with different browsers.

Using AudioVideoLib.asx with its script "Add Video", when browsing for the video file, you can only select MP4 or OGV files, and I've tried both of those.

Youtube might have to be it.

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