Status of the Quest Map Facility?

I really like the Quest map facility even though it has problems. Are there any plans to fix those problems? If not, it would be useful to list them in the documentation.

Examples of problems include:

  1. if I go east and then type UNDO the map doesn't change.
  2. the map is meant to be specific to each POV but sometimes rooms are shown that haven't been visited by a particular POV. This isn't an issue when there is no changePOV in the game. In the circumstances, it would be better if the POV specific map was an option.

...BTW, in looking at the documentation I see there is now a facility to turn the map on and off dynamically. I've tried it and it is VERY useful!

Is something similar available for the control panel? This would allow players who want a more traditional look and feel to switch these facilities off (or not select them) at the beginning of a game.

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