Creating Enemies that can kill you or you can kill them with a weapon

Having issues using the GUI to create an enemy that has health and can take damage. Windows Desktop. I have turned Health on in the game settings. I have created a knife that can be used however the only thing i have worked out so far is how to use the knife on yourself to cause damage. I'm looking to make some creatures that can kill you however you can also cause damage with a weapon. I'm new to this and learning as i go, any help would be great thank you.

Add two more attributes to player like "enemy health"(or think of something shorter) and enemy_health_max (player.ehm), or victories: ?/1oo and it can be returned to 0/0 between battles.
I realize that isn't as perfect as using each monster's name and showing separate losses for two monsters or enemies working together. So, maybe, someone knowshow to hide one status attribute between needs for it, and not others?

Thank you for getting back to me. I'm using the simple view so I would assume I need to use advanced mode to add in the attributes. Is there any samples available to follow or copy while I get used to the software?

Click on the object "player". Go to the player's Attribute tab. There are four labeled boxes filling the screen here. The bottom lefthand box says Attributes. Click the plus sign directly above this lowest of three boxes. Type in a word for enemy health. Choose any word that make sense to you. Enemy is a good word. You can display enemy health as 100/0 whenever an enemy appears. Or you can display enemy hit points as 0/100.

To the right of the attribute list, it says Assignment.
Hover over "string". Set the new attribute to integer.

To make this a status attribute, go up to the top box of the three, "Status Attributes".
Click on the x. Type in the name of the first attribute you created. The text box will change. Dont close it, yet.
First, type in the word that should appear here, ie, enemy: !/0 or victories: !/100 or whatever you prefer. Press enter

Here is an official explanation page,but%20only%20the%20current%20one%20will%20be%20used.

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