output file too big, Can I turn it into an html or anything independent of the Quest program?

I used "Quest" to make a gamebook. I was a little too enthusiastic, and the published output is 102 mb large (I made pictures and sound). The online publishing limit is 20 mb. I noticed on github the questjs compiler but it doesn't seem to work for me.

Is there a new workaround? should I use the compiler again, but modify my file?

Thanks again for the hard work. I am happy to hear any recommendation you have.



I'd suggest taking the pictures and sound out. You can host them elsewhere, and just link to them from your game.

That's what I figured, but I find the youtube link thing doesn't work well. Is there another link system that works? that loads up the pic and/or sound automatically?

Have you tried shrinking the file sizes of you sounds and pics? You can alter pic formats and it changes the size a lot without really losing noticeable quality. X2 was way over the limit and I widdled it down by a lot doing this. If you’re still over you can decide which files to take out or host elsewhere.

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