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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to ask in, but nothing else seems to fit. I would like to move my games(they're set to unlisted) to a different account, as the one I'm currently on is affiliated with an e-mail and username I do not wish to use while sharing the games. I've downloaded the quest files, but when I attempt to upload them to the new account it tells me the game ID has already been submitted by another user, which is fair enough. However, I can't find an option to delete(or even unpublish!) the games from my current account. How should I go about doing this? Alternately, is there a way to change the display name on my account?

If you want to just publish the game on another account, you should be able to do it by changing the gameid. This is easier to do if you have the desktop version of Quest, but I'm assuming you haven't if you're downloading the published Quest file.

Rename the .quest file, changing the extension to .zip, and then open it.
Inside that zip, you should find a file called game.aslx. Open that in notepad (or some other text exitor), and search for gameid.

You should find a line that looks like:


This is the game's unique ID, which is used by the site to recognise whether an upload is a new game, or a new version of an existing game.

Pick a new ID for your game. As far as I can tell it's just a UUID, so UUID is a quick way to get a random one. Change that line, just replacing one ID with another.

Make a note of the new ID, in case you want to upload a new version of the game in future.

Save the game.aslx file, put it back into the zip file, and rename your zip file back to the .quest extension. You should now be able to upload it.

Thank you, I'll try that!

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