Sky object

Hi, I created the sky object and placed it under game so the player should interact with it in every room (I think) the scenery flag is set. If I place it under a room, it works fine in that room only, so, how I must to do to have the sky object in every room without to replicate it?

If you want it to be accessible in every room, there are two main ways to do it.

The simplest is probably to use the 'background scope script', which you can set to something like:

list add (items, sky)

(using the actual name of your sky object)

If you only want this to work for certain commands (for example, if the player can look at the sky but not do anything else with it), you could give the commands a changecommandscope script attribute, containing the same script.

Or you could move the sky object around. On the game object, there is a script to run every time the player enters a room. (Its name is roomenter, but I'm not sure how it's labelled in the editor). You could use that to move the sky object to whatever room the player is currently in, like this:

MoveObjectHere (sky)

In both examples, you'd change sky to the name of your sky object if it's different.

Ok, I'll try, thank you

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