advanced JS documents how do I set a variable?

How would I word a document that set a variable attribute or else if not that set or unset an object flag?
This is what I tried. I'm not saying I know anything about code.

Object.defineProperty (player, direct, 1)

So, I wasn't surprised when it didn't work, but I would really like help finding out what does.

You can create a function in Quest and call it in the .JS file. Your Quest function must take a string parameter. You'll have to use ASLEvent("Quest Function Name", "string parameter") in the .JS file to call the function.

Thanks for telling me how that's done! And thanks for the reference page, too. I really appreciate your help.

The function is still blank. When I add ASLEvent("function name") above the compassClick script, the keys do nothing. When I add it below the compassClick script, the game asks me which south I want, SOUTHEAST OR SOUTHWEST. If I try to key for southeast or southwest whish have the same function but specify SE or SW, nothing happens, even though ASLEvent("function name") is beneath the compassClick script. Before I added ASLEvent("function name") southeast key and southwest key worked as keys.

When you say the function is blank, you mean you haven't put any code into yet? Did you pass in a string as the second parameter for the ASLEvent("function name", "string parameter")?

No, I didn't pass in a second parameter. I didn't know I had to specify string.
That is probably what was wrong with my ASLEvents.
The reason I was getting a choice at trying to head south was that I had undone my adding the south direction to the game. I just added it.
I got around the ASLEvent script not working by adding a script inside the game that did the same thing in a different way.
I will have to try the ASLEvent script, as well, now that I know what went wrong for me.
Thank you.

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