Library Javascript stops working in .quest files / Quest doesn't include subfolders when exporting??

In the Windows Quest editor, any and all included .js files work if they are valid - including those indirectly included through libraries. However, in the exported .quest file, only .js files directly included into the game function. All .js files included through libraries vanish and are never loaded. This is a monstrous pain as I would rather not have to include 50 Javascript files directly into the game, nor would I like to shove all my Javascript into a single file for ease of inclusion.

Since I was using Javascript to do this, I may be mistaken when I perceive that .quest files also do not include subfolders. That is, if I put all my images in an img/ directory in the game and use e.g. GetFileURL("img/" + filename), this works when run from the Quest editor, but not in the exported .quest file. I think. Again, a lot of my image loads were through Javascript so it may solely be that the Javascript is not running to do the damn image-loading.

Anyway, definitely please fix the broken library Javascript, the .quest file literally doesn't even load ANY Javascript that was included through a library. I believe the problem is that the <javascript src='...' /> element does not automatically include the mentioned file. Thus the editor can load it just fine, but the .quest file can only load it if it was already in the game folder. That sucks butt.

And if I'm not crazy and Quest really doesn't include subfolders on export, please fix that too.

I don't think it will ever be changed that Quest supports subfolders. I believe that it is necessary that all files are in one folder when the .quest file is uploaded to the cloud.

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