Moving/Wandering NPCs

I'm really new to coding and I just wanted to try being a bit ambitious.

So, I made lots of rooms and some NPCs. Let's just say five rooms, and three NPCs. Now, I want those NPCs to wander in those five rooms randomly. How would I do that? I just recently installed the desktop version, so I'm not that familiar with it yet.

Ok, now here's a tricky question: is it possible to schedule an NPC's path? Like, for example, it's a student, and during a certain time of day, they would be in class. After class, they wander randomly about the school and dorms. Is it also possible to have it so that during weekends they wouldn't have class and would just be randomly wandering?

Thanks a lot and I hope you can help!


How to have an NPC follow a patrol route:

More complex stuff:

Or you can use a library:

Thanks so much! I'll try that.

Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here.
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