Container script move all children here?

I have three containers. need a script to move all children to here (the room).
I think I will just add a function that lists every game object and if reachable moveobjecthere plus msg.
I think this will work well enough fory current game idea, only because it is a limited game, but a greater project would really need to have more specific script.
I know someone else has to know how it's done.
Any ideas?

So you want to move all objects from a container to the player's location?

Probably something like:

foreach (obj, GetDirectChildren (container)) {
  obj.parent = game.pov.parent

Or, if you want objects in containers inside that container to be moved,

foreach (obj, GetAllChildObjects (container)) {
  obj.parent = game.pov.parent

Or if you want the contents of all reachable containers to be moved (it's a little ambiguous the way you phrased it):

foreach (obj, ScopeReachableNotHeld ()) {
  obj.parent = game.pov.parent

or to include the contents of containers the player is carrying, but not the containers themselves:

foreach (obj, ScopeReachable ()) {
  if (not obj.parent = game.pov) {
    obj.parent = game.pov.parent

Amazing! Thank you for these. I will tell you when I use it. I have to finish another part of the detail work in the game first. I will soon use your script though. Thanks.

This is a great script. It works! Thanks.
I'm using the very first you gave me. I love that I have all four, though, for future reference, just in case.

I get this occasionally. Does it have anything to do with the wind? I mean it must. Or is it my listing objects in room?
Error running script: Error evaluating expression 'RemoveSceneryObjects(GetDirectChildren(parent))': Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
Error running script: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Is it connected to my listing objects in room?
s = FormatObjectList ("Here there is ", GetNonTransparentParent(game.pov.parent), Template("And"), ".")
msg (s)

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