Why do I have to click on an option twice?

I am baffled. While testing the game, I noticed that the game doesn’t register the input on the first time the player selects their answer. It doesn’t even process anything. Yet, it does do the intended process on the second time the player provides their answer.

As I am still new to Quest, I am just trying to see what kind of game is better for me to make. Therefore, I am essentially trying out both kinds.


We're going to need some more information about your code to help. Can you copy-paste the part that's giving you trouble?

Question script:

ShowMenu ("Choices:", Split("Cat person;Dog person"), false) {
  MoveObject (player, Bedroom)
  if (GetBoolean(player, "CatDog")) {
msg ("Test.")

Answer script:

MakeObjectVisible (Cat Treat Coupon)
msg ("You are a cat person.")
SetObjectFlagOn (player, "CatDog")

The answer script doesn't do a single thing until the answer is provided a second time.

How are these two scripts connected? Does the player do some action to run the question script and then another to do the answer script?

When reporting a problem, it's best to approach it step by step. If possible, go through the actions the player takes, and for each step tell us:

  1. What the player does
  2. What you expect to happen
  3. What actually happens

If it's convenient, you could also provide a link to the game online so we can take a look at it and test any theories about what the problem is.

(As a side note, when you're posting code snippets, it's best to enclose them between lines of 3 backticks, so that the forum doesn't attempt to format your code. Like this:

Your code goes here

If you can't find the ` key, it's to the left of 1 on most keyboards)

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