Use panels to show image instead of status,places,inventory, map

How would I go about placing a picture in the panel (panes), but not have the standard panes showing?

I dont want 'status', 'places', 'inventory', 'compass'

I want to put two images in the panel instead.

Hope this makes sense.
I'm using the desktop quest, version 5.6.3
Does no-one know if this can be done? and if so how?

Sorry to bump this, but does anyone know how/if this can be done?

Looks like a re-write of the Quest programming core to do it...
But one mistake and you will be downloading Quest install again to fix it...

It is not as drastic as that! You can do this sort of thing with JavaScript and HTML, but it is not straightforward. This may help:

You need access to the full code view, so this would be for the desktop version only. It may be possible to do it in the web version too, but would need some adapting.

Thanks for the replies, I'll try to get my old head around it.

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