Online games hanging

Is anyone else finding that playing games online hangs a lot? I can't get through a game without it hanging and having to start over. It's been happening for a good few weeks, and doesn't seem better or worse at any particular time of day.

Yes me too, been a nightmare trying to debug and beta test my game in time for Spring Thing, used to be smooth and fast but last two week hopeless. No criticism of anyone here, guessing it's beyond their control.

I had this problem also in a classroom with 30 children, each on various stages of a story. I've been trying to debug it, but can't find anything.

There's problems with the servers. Would it not be possible to build the games offline with the Quest editor?

This time it has been due to a cut in Microsoft's AZure services for an issue, they are working to fix it and it seems that the page is working again.

More drop outs overnight

Yesterday the Azure system suffered cuts due to an incident that affected directly to so we spent quite hours with a very bad or almost nonexistent service. But it seems that it has already been solved completely.

On the other hand I take the opportunity to tell you that just before these cuts of Azure affect the web, has improved to reduce the load of the server and I am quite optimistic to think that this should greatly help all those cuts That you have had these past weeks.

Similarly, the idea continues to be to incorporate a new server that helps the current game to share load, but that will take a few weeks to arrive.

Please if you continue suffering the drop outs, indicate it in this post to know if we have solved something or we have to keep looking :)

Thank you!

Cool. I imagine it was pretty frustrating to install a solution, only for Azure to fail!

Thanks for all your work on this, it's much appreciated!

Thanks for the work and update! And good te hear this should effect server load.

Yeah cheers

seems to be back to its hanging tricks when trying to play a game

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