Spell Check


Now, I know everyone won't want a bigger font-size, but the spell-checking is pretty nice!


line 14

<TextBox Name="textBox" TextChanged="textBox_TextChanged" LostFocus="textBox_LostFocus" MinWidth="40" MinHeight="20" AcceptsReturn="True" SpellCheck.IsEnabled="True" TextWrapping="Wrap" FontFamily="Georgia" FontSize="16" Padding="5" />

I only added SpellCheck.IsEnabled="True" for the spell-checker.

I also changed the font-size to 16. Its default is 14.

...and I just now noticed it says "Bild" instead of "Image" on that button now!

I didn't change that. That wasn't there in 5.7.1, either.

That appears to have shown up after adding the stuff for the new interface.

In "WorldModel\WorldModel\Core\Languages\EditorEnglish.aslx":

lines 859 and 860:

  <template name="EditorTextProcessorImage">Image</template>
  <template name="EditorTextProcessorImage">Bild</template>

Line 860 does not belong.


I figured out how to get some text-wrapping going on in the scripts' code views, too (no spell-check, though):


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