"Jump To" code (cheat for game testers)

How can I make it so that typing in a specific code word will jump the player from the beginning of the story to a specific part of the story for testing purposes? It should make it so the player can skip a certain portion of time-consuming actions while still receiving the necessary items that would have been acquired in that skipped area.

I'm not sure if I'm being clear. If I am, you can skip this part. Here's an example of what I mean:

The course of action for the player would be

  1. go south
  2. look at Object A
  3. open Object A
  4. take Object B
  5. go north
  6. go east
  7. look at Object Y
  8. use Object B

Let's say I've already tested 1-7 and it works, but for some reason 8 does not work. Rather than go through all steps again, I want to be able to type in a code word at the beginning (instead of "go south") and it will jump me to the location of Object Y and give me Object B automatically so that I can test step 8 over without the time-consuming repetitive process of 1-7.

Thanks so much!

This should be possible by moving the player to the location that you want to test.
Setup some test command words and in the script move the player to the location that you want to test.
Recently I created a command called "add object" which would move a certain object into the current room. This was so I could test part of the game.

Thank you!!!

You can also create a 'walk thru' in Quest which repeats the commands you would normally type in to get to a certain part in the game. I used this recently when testing my game and I added enough steps to get me to the place that had an error. Then when the problem was fixed I could add more steps to advance me further into the game to the next problem.

I know this is not exactly what you are looking for, but have you tried activating the DevMode, located on the 'features' tab of the main game object. You will then have to set 'Active' on the new 'DevMode' tab that appears.
Once you've done that, if you go into your game now and press #?, a handy help summary appears of new command available to you.
#go then followed by the room name, can transport you to any room, you'd then have to #take any object that appears in your game and it will appear in your inventory.

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