Only enter room when you have collected certain objects


I only have 2 hours to fix this (it is just a quick game for a family event tonight) but thought it was worth a try:

I want my player to collect 5 different items from different rooms, and only then can they enter The Library. So when the player is not carrying the items they cannot enter, but then when they do have all 5 items, the Library opens for them to enter.

I am very new to this so I do not know the difference between working with the script and code options. Managed so far to set up all the rooms, and all the items, and make sure the rooms can be moved between and the items can be picked up. I have explored all the 'add script' options looking for something along the lines of 'IF they have x THEN x' but have gotten nowhere.

Edit: fixed it. I found out I needed to create a Library exit, and then make a custom script 'Unlock library' depending on having the items.

Have a locked door where the five items are the 'keys' required.

Stupid question but how do you lock a door? I found the option but I am doing something wrong because it doesn't seem to be working. Edit: wait, fixed that bit. Now how do I set the object requirement? Edit again: ok found that too after much trial and error.

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