Are .CS files in a published .QUEST file

When you publish a game from the desktop editor, is it also including a copy of all the .CS files from /WorldModel?

If they are included, then this raises the possibility of altering some of these to suit the game.

CS-Files? You mean C#-Files? No, they are not in a published game file

Well, that sucks. I was looking for an easy way to suppress error messages, like commenting out line 1095 of WorldModel.cs. It would be great if error messages had a CSS class that could then be hidden. Maybe there's a jQuery word search routine I could run to hide them. I'll post if I figure it out.

Wouldn't it be better to fix whatever is generating the error messages?

If you really want to suppress error messages, you can do it easily enough within Quest script. Just redefine the function OutputText.

For example…

  <function name="OutputText" parameters="text">
    if (StartsWith (text, "Error running script: ")) {
    else {
      OutputTextRaw (ProcessText (text))

Or if you're using the web editor and so can't modify the core functions, do it in Javascript in the UI initialisation script:

JS.eval("$(function () {var a=addText;addText=function(t){(t.match(/>Error running script: /)?console.log:a)(t)};})")

Edit: removed typo, changed .. to .

Fantastic. Thanks, mrangel.

Yes, of course I would rather debug whatever is causing the error. This is more as a final step before launch, when I'm sure the game is running how I want, and any random runtime error messages would only serve to distract the player.

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