Disappearing verb menus

Hi all.
I have used the web editor to create a quest game but now when I play the game, the verb menus are only visible for half a second when you click on an object. They disappear too quickly to even select a verb. Any idea why this could be happening. I am still learning but this hasn't happened in the other 2 games I have made so I am guessing there is a setting or a specific issue somewhere causing this.

Are you using timer scripts? Have you included any javascript code? My first two guesses.

If you've got an example game to try out, I could take a look what it's doing; but otherwise two guesses are all I got.

Thank you! It was the timer scripts. When I disabled them it stopped doing it.

I should probably take a deeper look at that. The issue is that the menu disappears every time the Quest backend sends data to the browser; there should be a way to stop that happening, but I'm not sure of the best way to do it.

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