New Survival Series

Hello again, been awhile and I have been seeing alot of new questers come on board. With that I have chose to do a new survival series on my youtube channel Im only starting a new one because old one got corrupt and their alot of new features in quest we can take advantage of. I will be stream lining the survival aspect to work better than the last and will be complete with crafting, weather, hunting, cooking, forging and more. So please join me as we start a brand new series coming this Friday, I plan on releasing new episodes twice a week Monday and Friday as those are my days off. First in series we will be making objects to populate a room and a randomizer for spawning them in room, objects to be created: Tree, Grass, Plantfiber, TreeTrunks, Sticks, Stones and a Pond. With these items in place we will be able to make most of everything we need to craft and survive with. Here is a trello board im using to keep what I will be doing in series (uncomplete) please don't hesitate to ask questions or tell me what else you might want to see other then a survival series.

Hope to see people get involved as its helps make these videos easier

you might want to put this also in the 'game announcement' forum-board, but here an there, both will get buried...

I think this site could use some sticky threads... as we're getting some good activity (new and interested/staying users) now...

such as a 'faq' sticky thread that addresses all of the most common issues/help that people need with, and a sticky thread with links to all of the good/main resources (guides/libraries/github/code-samples, forum threads/posts, etc), and whatever else would be good as sticky threads (the 'game announcement' forum-board should be a sticky thread, especially, as it most promotes quest: games for people to try)

Good idea HK we really could use a sticky section and also good idea on posting in game announcement thanks for that idea :)


also, you can put it into the 'libraries and code samples' too (forgot to mention in the previous post of mine), as I'd say that this (libraries and code samples) is the least active forum/board (so least buried, lol), compared to this here (normal/general) forum-board (that we're posting in lol) and the 'game announcements' forum-board. Next best for not getting buried is the 'game anncouncement' forum-board, and obviously this here (normal/general) forum-board is the worst for getting buried (its the most active forum-board obviously).

post something in this normal/general forum board... and it gets lost forever... unless you remember to bookmark/favorite it... lol
(or if you're really determined/patient/dedicated, going through every single page and thread until you find your post/thread... lol .... NOT FUN! as using the google search... doesn't always work... sighs)

the old forum had the profiles be able to filter only your posts.... which is a lot less work if you got to manually search for a post of yours (though it can still be a lot of work of course). Miss those features.... maybe eventually this new forum will get some more features as we need them and/or as the site gets more users/activity and/or as they can be implemented (and/or paid for if its not free to implement them --- users who got the money might be willing to chip in if the feature is useful enough for them to have) ...

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