How to make multiple questions that the player can select?

I need at a point in my game where the player can make different questions to a character, but not using verbs or commands, but where the game prints multiple choises and the player can click what they want and then the different answers of course.

I'm not good at Java, may you please send me examples screenshot please? Thank you

-ITSLEO (Using Quest)

Hi Leo, take a look at Pixie's excellent 'Conversation Library'
I think it should provide what your looking for, the questions are listed in a menu form.
There is also this link I found very informative on the differing styles adopted:

For a different twist...
Check out how the player selects the options for my Wumpus game...
Each "control" is like a rotary switch, advancing 1 step with each selection.
Altho, Menu, would be the easiest for selecting a controlled input...

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