Should turnscripts run immediately?

We have noticed that in the first beta version of Quest 5.8, turnscripts will run at the start of the game, i.e., before the player has taken a turn. This was not deliberate, but I am wondering if we should keep it like that.

There is a new feature in Quest 5.8 allowing you to suppress turnscripts for one turn, so it will be easy to add that to the start script, and then a game will run as before.

What do think think? Is this change going to annoy a lot of people?

Games already published (or developed in Quest 5.7 or earlier) will not be affected.

I don't think it should fire until a turn has been taken, but I can easily alter the file in my Core directory, so either way is cool with me.

I agree that it feels better to start the script after the first turn in case the script relies on initialisation operations elsewhere.

I've already been putting RunTurnScripts at the end of my start script, so it seems sensible to me.

Dido, in agreement with it not firing immediately, as I presume it would fire before the 'game.start', which to me, should continue to be the first thing to fire, such as for people using it as an intro or whatever, whereas a Turnscript, could cause more of a hassle for (especially new/non-coder) people, if it was firing first. You don't want your intro continually being displayed and crashing your game... lol.

I will set it to not run immediately, given the responses and that is how it currently is.

You could make it a checkbox on the features tab; then everyone's happy :p

(If you use turnscripts to adjust the contents of a status pane, or to do chargen, then runnimg turnscripts on start is helpful.)

Though I suppose anyone who wants it could just call RunTurnScripts.

I hate to change the subject, but, speaking of checkboxes, shouldn't the prefix stuff still be easy to edit for scenery objects? (They are there to be interacted with, after all.)

I agree with ThePixie.

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