Foreign Languages (Greek) items: Are they possible

Hi there,
I'm putting together the Greek translation of Quest.
I'm having issues with items in the Greek Language (I guess the same problem might pop up with other languages too). Let's say I make an item πέτρα (stone). Get and Drop (πάρε and ρίξε) work fine, but other verbs, for example Throw (πέτα) give an error:

πέτα πέτρα
Error running script: Error compiling expression 'πέτρα': SyntaxError: Unexpected character: πLine: 1, Column: 1

Seems you cannot have an object in a non Latin language?

What do you think about the issue? Would it be easy to correct it?


I started typing a reply here, then fell asleep, then couldn't understand what I'd written. I hate flu :S

Hope someone else can offer some advice. But my first thought is that if some commands work, the engine probably doesn't have a problem with it.

Is this a command, or a verb? Could be a problem with the command script itself- is throw a default command, or one you've written a script for?

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