How to load game? (playing)

Hello. I like playing games on here and I was even planning on using Quest online to make one, but one thing I've noticed with a lot of Quest games specifically is that when I'm afk at some point it times out, and then there's no way for me to resume. I can't figure out how to load a game. Whenever I save, it says I've saved successfully, but load, resume, open... nothing seems to work. I refresh the page like it says. I read some page on a Google result saying that when someone refreshes it, there's an option to resume the game but that doesn't happen for me.

I'm not playing in an incognito window.

Sorry about asking a playing question on here, I tried Googling it and finding some place on the site about Quest playing help, but couldn't find anything.

You cannot load a Quest game from within the game. You need to go to its webpage, where there are load and restart options if you have saved a game.

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