"Nesting" rooms (?)

Hi, newbie here, yaddi yaddi yadda introductions, etc.
So here's the thing: I'm currently working on a game heavily influenced by System Shock and the Alien franchise (at least thematically, that's it)... and it happens in a huge colonial ship.
So far, so good, right? Well, I'm a bit worried (maybe there's no reason to worry, but better safe than sorry) due to the workflow I have for developing the map: currently, the ship is divided in sections, and I place each section as an empty object where I drop the rooms to keep it all organized and easy to navigate on my part.
The question is: is this a safe method, or will it cause problems in the long run? I plan on making a massive ship with enemy encounters, puzzles, etc. and although I have everything more or less figured, I'd like to know beforehand if I should switch to another way of organizing stuff, before it causes any trouble.

That is very much the way to do to.


That's the only way I know, and it hasn't caused troubles for me yet. If only we could make folders...

Thanks for the quick responses!
And yeah, folders would be great... but I have no way of knowing how would that impact the core code of Quest itself... let's just hope it's an easy feature to be added soon, I'm always fearing of running out of objects to place.

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