Room with multiple boardless sides

I am trying to connect multiple rooms by making them boardless. When going anti-clockwise, it results in this

However when going clockwise

How do I make multiple boardless sides

Is the box "Also create exit in the other direction" ticked or not? If it's ticked, it should work in a spiral fine.
In fact, I don't know for certain what boardless means, but if you create exits along the bottom rooms to the south specified to the rooms at the top, they will enter from the north into the northern rooms, and if you have the box ticked for creating both exits, then leaving the northern rooms toward the north, you will enter the southern rooms from the south.
Is that what you are trying to do?
Or are you just trying to make them have no outline on the map?
To do that, you can just, in the map tab for each room, choose fill colour the same colour as the border colour and vice versa, so white room and white border. If you have other rooms not borderless, make the borders black, or choose another colour and make the rooms and borders the same again.
If you want a border around the nine rooms, you can create a bigger parent room. Its size in the map tab needs to be as big as the nine rooms together so add the widths 3x width of one, do the same with length, start in the centre room or specify where each box is on the map, which is what you would have to do if the outer exits return to the opposite side of the board, which I don't know that you were actually even trying to do, but earlier I had thought that.

Have you considered using just a single room and weaponize the pre-exit script on a directional exit to send the player back into the room they just tried to leave (overriding the exit this way won't let them automatically leave in that direction anyway without a script line to do it manually) but with a different set of parameters that dynamically alter what they see in the room?

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