[Solved] How to change the Command Bar's width and position?

I think I found most of the javascript and HTML related topics and I could comprehend 30 percent of them.
There's a large load of customization questions incoming, but let's start with this!

  1. The Command Bar is too wide (obviously).
    - I couldn't figure anything to change that. I want it at the width of divOutput or smaller

  2. The Command Bar's position is off.
    -It is partially cut off the screen at the bottom. I want the Command Bar to be a bit higher.

Edit: Fixed the image link

  1. After many pointless attempts, I figured a working script to change the command bar:
JS.setCss ("input#txtCommand", "width: 955px;")
  1. Its vertical position was somewhere fixed along the way and I don't know when or why that solved itself.

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