This is destroying my updated projects!

So, this is horrible and sad to me.
I make hours of progress on a quest game (with the downloaded version)
I go out of the tab to look up something about the coding...
then I go back....
I click...
I can't do ANYTHING. And i've made so much progress I don't want to loose.
I need help quickly, it's driving me crazy and I can't update my projects with the online editor.

Window error noise? More details please.

You are making you game with the downloaded version of Quest, yes?

And by can’t do ANYTHING, do you mean your computer locks up or you can work on your game?

When I click on any part of the Quest window, it makes the windows error noise and doesn't do my action. I can't work on my game at all, nor save or close the tab.

Are you talking like that pinging sound? Like when you can't click on anything except the current window that is up?

I've heard that and it's always when I open up a script window and jump to the internet (or any other screen) and then I go back to Quest. The script window ends up behind the other windows. I just minimize the window and open JUST Quest back up. And there it is!

Let us know if this helps.

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