How do you change Exit aliases?

It seems like a rather straightforward thing to do, but I've been yelling at my pc for the past 15 minutes because google, the official Quest help site and this very forum don't seem to have an answer. I know its possible, as the quest tutorial site mentions it as a possibility to change, for example, "go east" to "go to the kitchen" and I somehow managed to work it out in a quest project I was working on a few months back that I'm picking up again - hopefully to finish this time. But I can't seem to find out how its done. If anybody would be kind enough to lend me an assist, I'd be most appreciative. If I managed to work it out before such a reply is posted, I'll also update/comment on this post to make sure nobody loses any time answering a solved problem.

I would like to clarify, I know for a fact its possible without scripting as i did not use scripting to make it happen the last time. My game simply has each exit in a specific area have both the exit name and alias as the same thing, with directional input (that doesnt actually show up on the compass within the room). As an example, one of my rooms is called "Entryway" and within the "exits" tab, there are no marker laid on the compass, but the actual exits are called "kitchen" "atrium" and "bathroom" with the aliases names respectively. The kitchen is to the north, atrium to the east and bathroom to the south. I didnt change their names, nor do i have any text input in the room descriptions (no exit scripts)

The input in the actual gameplay has the exits marked as viewable objects and locations, both seperately. So you can "look at" the exit and "go" through it. You can also try to "take" the object, which i think is funny, and you cannot, in fact, take the room - which is good.

The bizarre thing is, these rooms are, statistically, identical to the ones ive created the ordinary way - barring their alias, hence this query.

Don't you just type something new in the "alias" field on the "exit" tab of the exit object?

There are two options here:

  • You can use exists without directions and name it there. Exists without directions are listed in the bottom part of the exits tab. If you are using the map feature, this will not work.
  • You can rename the alias of the exit object. The editor is a little resistant to this change though and sometimes changes it back to the items in the combo box when you change the direction or name afterwards.

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