I cant play my game

I maked a game but i cant open the game. When i click the file i see error in my screen. How can i open my file?
Format of file is "xxxx.aslx"
Please help me.

if you're doing this off-line, see if you can create a new game, if that works fine, then it just means you got an error/mistake in your game code (unless you were messing with the underlying quest code), which we can help fix it up for you: you'll need to post your full game code, so we can find and fix the errors/mistakes for you in its code, which you can do by jsut right clicking on your 'xxx.aslx' game file and opening it with a text editor software (notepad, wordpad, Apple: text editor, notepad++, etc), highlighting all of it (this is your entire game game), copying it, and then pasting it here in a post, via doing this, to preserve its formatting:

(mass of entire game code pasted here)

but without the m's in front of it. Those weird characters/symbols is the keyboard key in the upper left corner, above the left 'TAB' key and to the left of the '1' key on the row on the top of keyboard.

it'll produce this:

(mass of entire game code pasted here)

Thanks for your help. I solved the problem.

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