Battle Royale Game - Any Ideas?

I'm building a battle royale game called Decimation.

I have the parachute thing, a random loot crate, different guns (and some melee weapons), different areas, and more.

I just need to know how exactly to make a system where building in the same room as another building would make a structure

E.g. Builds wall in same room as floor, makes house.

Hope this is easy enough to understand.


I assume you'd add something to the code for building walls, so that if there's a floor there you have it construct a house.

Or am I misunderstanding?

Yeah, exactly

Yeah, exactly

Is there a part of that you're having a problem with?


In psuedocode, here's my idea:

Whenever you build a wall in a room:

For each clone of WallObject in Room:(

if Room.WallCount=4:(
Destroy every clone of WallObject in Room
Clone HouseObject and move to Room

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