Teleporting problem

I am trying to separate my game into regions. I followed instructions here

and used

set (player, "saved_map_for_" +, player.grid_coordinates)
if (HasAttribute(player, "saved_map_for_" + {
  player.grid_coordinates = GetAttribute(player, "saved_map_for_" +
else {
  player.grid_coordinates = null
player.parent = to
JS.Grid_ClearAllLayers ()
Grid_DrawPlayerInRoom (game.pov.parent)

For purposes, let's say the 3 regions are one-room regions, which are: town, quarry and forest. In the town, I have a sign with a verb "Travel to" that, when used does this

options = Split("The forest's center.;The caves.;Nevermind.", ";")
ShowMenu ("Where do you travel to?", options, true) {
  switch (result) {
    case ("The forest's center.") {
      TeleportTo (Forest_Clearing)
    case ("The caves.") {
      TeleportTo (Quarry)
    case ("Nevermind.") {

In the town and quarry, there is one object that takes them back to the town.
The problem is that when returning for a region, there is a 1x1 blank room loaded in.

(Also sometimes it feels like the map bugs out and the player icon [yellow dot] keeps in one room even if you keep moving around, but I couldn't recreate it this time.)

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