Change to default room prefixes

So I know this has already been asked before, however I can't for the life of me find where the setting is, or how to apply it at all.

I basically want to remove the default prefix for rooms, which is "The" I saw Pixie reply with to use properName: true, however I have tried to put that in the data.js in each individual room, and that doesn't do any, I've tried to put it on the top in the data.js, even thought there might've been some voodoo with the settings.js so tried to do it there, via settings.properName = true but no luck sadly.

Does anyone know how to change the default prefix for rooms and such?

Here is the link to the previous answer, which I must admit I did not understand.

Sorry, I guess that was not so clear! "properName" is an attribute of the room, not settings.

createRoom("Bob_room", {
  alias:'Bob's room',
  desc:"Bob's room is boring, the author really needs to put stuff in it.",

If you want to change how the title looks for every room, you can modify "roomTemplate" in settings. This example will have room descriptions appear as a title, then the description, then the item list.

settings.roomTemplate = [
  "{objectsHere:You can see {objects} here.}",

The bit "#{cap:{nm:@}}" is important here. The # makes it a heading, cap ensures a capital letter a the start; nm says we want the name of something and @ is a shortcut for the current location.

If you want each room to have "properName" set to true by default, but have the option to set it to false in some cases, that would be more complicated...

Omg, thank you so much for clarifying, I understand it now!

Really enjoying how QuestJS or Quest 6 works so far, so for what it's worth, good job on working on it and creating what is there. This next part is more off-topic, so I'll post it below.

  1. Would there be a way for other's to help pitch in on the project? if not through code, through donations (patreon) instead? speaking plainly I don't know anything near enough to help with the code.

  2. Is there still plans on creating an editor QuestJS?

Sorry for going off topic. Thank you for your help, genuinely mean it ^^

Besides the editor, QuestJS is pretty much complete. Or rather, there is not nothing outstanding that I have plans for. If bugs are found, they will need fixing, but that is done as and when. All recent changes - last year or so I guess - have been changes driven by my own games in development. If there are new features you want, let me know.

The editor is a whole other thing, and that is a big job. It is ongoing, and I have done work on it in the last week, though not a huge amount I will admit. I have semi-abandoned the existing project, and looking at using Django/Python to build it, mainly because of the database access.

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