Problem with "Move to" command

First of all I apologize if this is either a simple fix or I'm doing something wrong- I'm new to all this so I don't know much. I'm having a problem when trying to use the Move to command to move the player to another room. For example if I have the player interact with another character by using speak to or something else, and in the script it then says to: move object (player) to object (different room) it simply won't work when test playing the game. Using the command on other characters or objects works perfectly fine, just not on the player. What can I do to fix this, if anything?

What happens when you try to do it? Is there an error? Or just nothing happens?

When moving characters, including the player, use moveChar, rather than `moveToFrom'. Thinking about it, the docs could be clearer on that, and indeed the system warn you when you try to do it. Will update!

As an alternative, you can set the "loc" attribute to the name of the location:

player.loc = 'lounge'


player.loc =

Doing it this way side-steps the side effects and checking, so sometimes is the best way and sometimes is not. the side effects are the character reacting to moving, and messages on screen about the character coming or going. I think for the player it the side effects are triggering scripts for exiting/entering locations, and telling the player about the new room.

There is nothing else being tracked that needs to be updated, so no long term harm from just setting "loc".

Hmmm. This makes me wonder. If we move the player using the location attribute like this... will this solve the error when moving someone to a place that's not connected to the main map?

The coordinate error?

Maybe that would be a better way to teleport in some instances, and then just have the next script be to print a message which would have auto-printed as a "side effect?"

Ip Man, are you talking about Quest 5? My post was about QuestJS which is quite different!

Ooooh! I'm sorry!

I look forward to learning the JS one day, but I'm still learning the 5.8

Does QuestKit mean the JS version?

Yes it does. Nowadays anyway.

I wish I could rename the forum. It has been re-purposed for QuestJS. Quest kit was similar in concept to QuestJS.

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