Where Did I Put That? loc:""

Question of style or big issue in the future.

I have placed stuff that is not available or not in use in a room called "Offstage"
like so:

createItem("sparkplug", TAKEABLE(), {

Could I rather just forget about creating and managing "Offstage" and just place things in limbo:

createItem("sparkplug", TAKEABLE(), {

Or programatically:

w.sparkplug.loc = ""

would this approach be okay, or am I looking for trouble down the road as Quest continues to evolve.

I think it will object if you put it in "", but you can safely just omit the "loc" attribute altogether, or set it to undefined (which would then flag to your future self that it was deliberate).

For exits you can use "_" to flag that they go nowhere; cannot remember if you can use that for "loc".

That's what brought this up. I had accidently programmatically assigned an item's loc to "" and it seemed to be fine with it...However I do like undefined better


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