Quest online

Wouldnt be nice to have all functions of quest online? Why the online version is different?

In case you be interested, there is a tool that migrates the whole code to the web automatically:

I work in there as an accountant :)

It certainly would be nice (and some changed to Quest 5.7 were a step in that direction, albeit a small one).

I am not sure why it is not the same, but I suspect part of it is a lack of built-in widgets. In VB you can build your own widgets, on the net, you are constrained to what HTML has to offer (kind of, I guess JQuery offers more options).

As far as I can tell, the tool migrates to .NET, and Quest is already on .NET, so I would guess it is not applicable, but thanks for the suggestion.

Interesting, do u mean the online tool is in net? Because i was referring to the desktop application.

Have u think also of an app to create adventures? That will be awesome!

Quest is written as a Visual Studio .NET solution, which includes the desktop editor, the web player and the web editor, so they all use the same world model.

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