Corrupt One-Armed-Jack-in-the-box

My game has a game object that has begun acting up on its own. I had seen this error earlier this summer and had checked the game source script and everything was normal. Nothing in the script could have led to its not working perfectly. It is a randomizer that gives one of three symbols, egg, rose, or stone, first second and third random symbol. For every possible set of three, it gives a score and explanation, then, gives or takes the right amount of money. Somehow, it is not only sometimes giving one, two, or four symbols per play, it is choosing the score and explanation randomly. I have checked everything and the script was perfect. Also, the jackpot machine is getting less accurate, even though it still works perfectly sometimes, because at other times, it does not, but more often than before. I don't know what it is, but I also don't still have the game source.

I just want to add that I have now downloaded my own game and it works perfectly when I play from a downloaded file,
but it is still broken when I play online. Maybe, that is a clue as to what's wrong with it.

I have occasionally seen weird things in squiffy games that I attribute to the speed the code executes while hosted and on your box. I once had a game that worked perfectly locally and occasionally glitched online. The top section had a big case statement and the following sections reused the case statement variable (the one I did the switch off of). In certain cases, the code would go into a case statement, change the variable, while the calling thread would reference it again. Sorta like this in pseudo code...

Switch (X)
Case A
   goto section One
Case B
   goto section Two
end Switch



Sometimes I'd see it execute section One AND Two. It confused me until I realized that it was a timing issue and sometimes the section called One would execute fast enough that the switch statement would decide Two should also be called.

Hope that makes sense. 

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