Game works on its own, but not when uploaded to site

I have a game made on Squiffy, and I've published it here. However, even though the game works in the Preview window and as a downloaded standalone HTML/JS page, it doesn't work on the website. What gives?

I played all the way through (I don't want to mention my score). It might be your browser - I'm on Firefox and it worked just fine.

Works for me just fine! Cool visual design, btw.

Oh, so it takes minutes or hours for it to be ready to play? I wish I knew that...

Minutes? Hours? It took only some seconds to play your game

No, he's talking about the update time. Yes, sometimes when you post a game they update instantly. Sometimes it can take up to a day. I've learned to put version numbers on my front screen so I can tell when it updates.

I've noticed that the http version of the site responds to new uploads and reuploads much faster than the https version.

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