Volunteer Comment/Review Editor

It would be awesome if someone with nothing better to do (me included) could be a contact for editing reviews and comments. It drives me nuts when people spam idiotic reviews or get in a flame war in the comment section of games. Or, when someone accidentally clicks three stars when they meant to click 5 but they cannot change it.

I would encourage someone who is not (or is, if they have time) on the main team to be granted access to editing comments or reviews. I volunteer to do it. If not me, that is perfectly fine, but I do think it is pretty important for site health. Just a thought.

This is probably something to add to the 'to-do' list for the site, requiring debate before it is implemented. I suspect it means moving to a moderated approach, where reviews and comments are vetted BEFORE they appear. Also, it would mean providing clear guidance on what is acceptable as a review (would "WOW" with 5 stars be okay?). Also, is it expected that games would be played to completion before a review is provided? ...otherwise it should be a comment? Should moderators approving games also provide a review? And so on...

This discussion comes up periodically and we never really got to an answer. Here's a previous thread on the matter:


For what it is worth, I would certainly support have XanMag as a review editor.

It's the concept that is problematic. Jay makes some good points surrounding that early in the thread I linked to.

Xan would be a great reviewer in my opinion! You have my vote! ^_^


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