Need help reclassifying a Squiffy work


I tried to publish my new Squiffy work using the online Squiffy editor, but it just didn't work.

I then used the desktop editor and published it as an HTML mini site (within a ZIP).

Do you know if it's possible to re cathegorize it as a Squiffy (not HTML) work?

Much obliged,


Magnificent Incanus,

I've enjoyed your IFs for quite some years, and was very excited to see you'd published a new sci-fi!

The online editor has been broken for almost a year now, and there appear to be no plans to fix it, for the reason that the site ownership is in limbo.

There never has been a way to indicate that a zipped IF was made in Squiffy, except to mention it in the game description.

I've always preferred the desktop editor, especially with the unofficial upgrades by mrangel, who is extremely helpful on the forum.

Many thanks to you for your supremely fun and well-written works through the years!

I cannot see any way to do that. My QuestJS game is similarly flagged as an HTML game.

IFforClassroom, I do work using the desktop editor and I don't mind not having the online option: not to be listed as a Squiffy work is really a small nuisance. Also, many thanks for your kind words. It's very nice to be so recognized, specially when I write with a spanish audicence in mind ;-) I do hope and I'll certainly try for my work to deserve the reader's attention, more so for those who read (for them) on a foreign language. Drop me a short review or your comments and that shall be my reward for my author's work.

The Pixie it's just the way it goes until further notice, then. As I stated, the important thing is that Squiffy is still a viable option to write interactive fiction... and that should be enough.

Hah! I don't know a word of Spanish, myself, but your name is well known even within the English IF community, Incanus. Every time I've had the pleasure of approving one of your games it has been the easiest decision I've had to make that day. You make wonderful games and we're always happy to have you submit them here as well.


I'm actually blushing and I can't find any proper words to reply other than: much obliged, I have absolutely no idea if I'm truly known or recognized beyond the spanish IF scene.

I do try to publish quality content and keep struggling with finding arguments that seem attractive to me as an author and that are not too frequently done, at least in the way that I present them.

I'll try and keep up the good work.

Kind regards,


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