Adding a IFDB Listing to a Published Game

I've published all of my IF Works on

However, except for one Squiffy work, all of them are Z5 games already listed at IFDB and (of course) on my own web page.

Since I published them here through an HTML redirect file to my web site, they appear as listed as HTML rather than Inform.

Is there any way to correct this?

Also, is there a way to add an IFDB Listing URL to each game, for link and reference purposes?

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For the Z5 games to show up as Inform games, I think you'd probably need to submit the actual Z5 file to the site, not an HTML file which redirects to it.

If we can add links to a game's main page, I've never figured out how. I just post the URL and hope someone might copy and paste it.

K. V. :

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try it and see what happens.



K.V. :

Mi Inform games are now properly listed as such on this site. Haven't found a way yet to include a link to IFDB or my own IF web, say, on the game description (I'm not sure they allow plain text http:/... links on descriptions) or any of the places available for editing.

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Hello Incanus, can you send me a private message and a link to your IFDB page?

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