[Feature Request] Add A Built-in Rewards System For Game Creators And Players

Okay, for the past weeks; I was getting familiar with this website, and I am requesting a feature for players and creators who make/create games:

Points System

Although; many players or creators should earn points when they play or create any game via any format like Quest, Squiffy, or any game format supported on this website. However; players or creators shuld have an ability to earn as they play or create games,--or if anyone played their games what they've wrote.

Why This Important?

Although; large gaming or media giants like Nintendo, Disney, Activision, Microsoft, and other media/tech giants often turn away small independent game developers. Antitrust is a known concern during these days. Creator monopoliesand other greedy companies often kill off competition. That caused many small game developers to be out of business, or bankrupt.
Being a gaming giant doesn't always mean better! Think about how large giants that were demonopolized years ago, like the break up of AT&T.
Together, we can all fight these giants. Despite us making these games free to play, we need a special earning mechanism that give users like us a chance to earn from our work.

How It Should Work?

A player or creator who creates and publishes a new game earns an initial amount of points, for example: 250 points. A player who plays a game earns a number of points during minutes or hours of gameplay, for example: 10 points per hour; or 4 points per interactivity of a game. A creator earns a set amount of points,--set by a site administrator, which is necessary to prevent greedy creators from making more money, and not giving players a chance to earn.
Each user account has a points balance. However; automated management of these points balances should be implemented.
When a user earns a certain amount of points; a rank is reached. Each rank should display a number of users.

How Points Should Be Cashed Out?

PayPal should be a preferred way to receive payments for both gamers and game developers equally.

Minimum Requirements:

The following requirements is key to ensure this system works properly:

  • Vertual Private Server With At Least 8 GB Of Ram - You need a vertual Prive server via VPS hosting for this feature to work. A shred server will NOT work!
  • PayPal Integration - you may need to setup a PayPal account for implementing mass payouts for your users. Each user sets their own PayPal email address. To ensure you have enough founds; you must have dedicatedset of funds on your dedicated PayPal account.
  • Either build or find a system that will handle points.
  • Mechanism for implementing ranks for users.

Run Your Own Ad Zones With A Place For Advertisers To Place Their Ads/Promoted Content

Okay, I see you were using Google AdSense, but you may need to host your own ad zones because, Google AdSense is NOT paying more independent site owners like you what you expected to. However; hosting your ad zones is very important to sell your own ad zones,--without needing to be dependent on third party ad networks.

Why This is Important?

Google AdSense is notorious of unlawfully terminating account, all without human review. By hosting your own ad zones on your own website; you reduce the burden of losing your ads, and you also help reduce middlemen, and keep all of your ad revenue. If you want to see an example of me relying on self-hosted; here is a link to my example site to take a closer look.

To Implement This:

VPS hosting required. Revive AdServer software (self-hosted edition) You need a payment fortal for your advertisers to post ads on your website. Accounts for advertisers (paid accounts), this is necessary for advertisers to subscribe to your advertising platform built on this website. Alternate payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Each advertiser should have 1 account with a list of campaigns, and a balance displayed. It should be capable of having a way to top up balance like usual.

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