My verbs get cold

Especially online, but once offline, as well, my verbs just don't work. They get cold and don't do anything, even the most basically scripted.

Online, it's likely a momentary disconnection; Quest can't cope with that well. The easiest way to check is typing in the command bar (pressing enter visibly has no effect if it's still waiting for confirmation that the previous command was received by the server).

I think it is related to my wav. When I move it around the timing of all the verbs getting cold moves with it. The wav plays and scripts follow, but the verbs are all dead and cold after it.
No, actually, I found it was caused by spelling and syntax errors leading to scripts that expected attributes that didn't exist.
I have it working again, so I'm glad you encouraged me to keep looking into it, even though it wasn't the connection.

Yes, I did have it working, but it has quit on me again. I don't exactly know what is making it act up. Maybe, you were right about it being the connection.

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